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InterOccupy Arts Call | Wed Feb 22 | 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

21 Feb

Artists as Bridges: 

How are artists connecting Occupy 

and other movements for economic and social justice?

As Occupy and ‘The 99%’ movement expands, it continues to deepen its connections with communities and issues of all kinds. On this call, we will hear from artists who are doing powerful, innovative work of ‘bridging’, using the unique power of art, music, performance and spectacle to connect Occupy to new issues and communities, and vice versa.

Housing and Foreclosures  | The Singing Auction Blockade
Michael Premo and Rachel Falcone, Housing is a Human Right
Immigrant Rights | The World vs. The 1% | Undocumented and Awkward
Favianna Rodriguez – Just Seeds, Presente!
Julio Salgado – Dreamers Adrift

Unemployment  & Jobs | The Line
Kristin Marting,  Artist

Prisons & Incarceration | TruthMobs
Denise Mewbourne, Occupy4Prisoners

Food Justice, Farming and Urban Gardens | Occupy Our Food Supply!
Seth Wulsin, Occupy Gardens NYC

There will be breakouts sessions where we will all have a chance to discuss questions about how to make these  connections stronger, and continue to build the occupy movement.

For links to the artists’ projects:

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17 Feb

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