Route and Outreach Update

1 Mar

We have a coalition of over 30 awesome art, activists and labor organizations participating. Woo hoo!

We are currently planning  that our route will stretch 3 miles from the Bull at Bowling Green to Union Square.

But if we have a big groundswell of last minute folks over next couple of days, then we will expand  to Madison Square then to Times Square.

Help us get the word out widely these last few days:

eblast info under Flyers/Eblast tab on this site –



One Response to “Route and Outreach Update”

  1. andrew tilson March 3, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    I’m the executive director of the new Workers Unite Film Festival We are putting at least seven or eight cameras out along the event route this Tuesday to film the line for a future documentary about arts outreach and workers issues/labor unions. We are working with both The Working Theater folks and Kristin Marting of HERE. PLEASE tell anybody who is going to the event to bring a camera and take pics of where they are – bits of video would be great too – HD preferred – that way we’ll be able to record more of the line for later film. The planned screening of the short is May 6th at the Workers Unite Film Festival.
    Please send any photos or vid clips to:

    If you have any other “films from the front lines” type of footage of recent OWS or labor struggles – please email us asap!
    Thanks Brothers and Sister!

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