What You Can Write to Congress

5 Mar

(Find your local Congressperson here )

Dear Senator or Representative:

I am a concerned citizen. I stand with thousands of others who support the 14 million Unemployed in America.  We need you to represent us by taking action. Support our country’s economic sustainability through the passage of currently pending jobs creation bills. Put us back to work! Vote yes on:

• H.R. 870, the Humphrey-Hawkins 21st Century Full Employment & Training Act which creates jobs and job training programs for the unemployed.

• HR 2914, the Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act which will strengthen our communities through jobs program focused on improving our schools, parks, homes and emergency services.

• HR 402, the National Infrastructure Development Bank Act of 2011 which will create jobs to strengthen our infrastructure extends unemployment insurance benefits.

• HR 494, the 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps Act and HR 724/S 591, The Security in Energy and Manufacturing (SEAM) Act, both of which build a revitalized, green economy by investing in jobs that help the environment.

• HR 11, the Build America Bonds to Create Jobs Now Act, which spurs job creation here at home.

• HR 1901, the “Saving America’s Youth: the Youth Employment Act of 2011, which creates summers jobs for youth.

• HR 1366/S 751, the National Manufacturing Strategy Act of 2011, which creates a national manufacturing strategy.

This can can be paid for through a modest tax on Wall Steet  tax and bond transactions, higher tax brackets for millionaires/billionaires, and eliminating subsidies for Big Oil and tax loopholes for corporations that send American jobs overseas.

Millions of people can be put to work right now rebuilding our country.  New skills training will, not only, ensure a highly trained, educated workforce, but begin to prime the pump for future U.S. manufacturing innovation. Investment tax credits could help businesses upgrade their plants, tools and machinery. And tough Buy American laws will stimulate the economy and create jobs here at home – not overseas!

It’s time for the jobless to receive their fair share. More than 14 million Americans – unemployed through no fault of their own – are pleading desperately for your help. The time has come to leverage their many talents and put them back to work.

I urge your support of these proposals.

Thank you for supporting America.


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