What You Can Write to Corporations

5 Mar

Dear CEO:

I am a concerned customer who supports your company by buying your products.

I stand with thousands of others who support the 14 million Unemployed in America.  We need companies like you to help our country’s economy through stopping outsourcing and putting Americans back to work!

I cannot in good conscience continue to buy your products until your policies change. There are many who feel like I do. It is in your long-term economic interest to support your community’s values and invest locally.

Thank you for supporting America.


One Response to “What You Can Write to Corporations”


  1. Thank you everyone! « The Line - March 6, 2012

    […] going by writing your congresspersons and insisting they pass job creation bills  and by writing corporations you do business with and insisting they stop outsourcing and bring jobs back to […]

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