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THE LINE is being organized by artists and activists from HERE and Working Theater and with organizations as varied as the Arts & Democracy Project, BAAD!, Construction and General Building Laborers’ Local 79, CVH Action, the Civilians, CWA Local 1180, Dance New Amsterdam, DC37, Democracy for NYC, Dixon Place, Downtown Community Television, Fourth Arts Block, Foundry Theatre, The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, National Jobs for All Coalition, National Organization of Women – NYS, New Georges, New York America, New York City Central Labor Council, NYC Americans for Democratic Action New York Immigration Coalition, New York State Immigration Fund, Occupy Astoria LIC, Occupy Wall Street, Peculiar Works Project, Professional Staff Congress, Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition, Teamsters Local 814, Theatre for a New City, UAW, UFT, United NY, Workers Defense League, and Workers United. List in formation. We are also supported in part by Art is My Occupation.

Core Working Group
Kristin Marting

I am a director of hybrid work and am Artistic Director of  HERE, a non-profit space for theatre, music, dance puppetry, etc in Soho. I have organized a number of small and large actions over the years and have really been thinking about what might really resonate right now. I thought the Line would be a great action for right now.

Working Theater –  Mark Plesent, Producing Artistic Director
Working Theater is an off-Broadway company dedicated to creating theater for and about working people. We exist to expose the bus-drivers, doormen, domestic workers and others who make New York City run to the transformative experience of live theater. I believe that art should be accessible to everyone and to that end, prior to joining Working Theater, I produced several large scale public performance art projects. For me The Line is a return to that. I believe It will speak about current social and economic inequities on a deeply  imaginative level, effecting people in a way only art can.

Yana Landowne 

I am a freelance theater director and participatory art activist.   I find I am drawn to creative grass roots organizing for social issues and many interactive art actions that promote connection and expand our human potential.  I am interested in radical self-expression and in empowering others to believe in the power of their creativity. Some organizations I have been deeply involved with are: Metropolis in Motion, NYC Dance Parade, Action Arts League, Billionaires for Bush. (more:

Tal Yarden


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